Find out below what kind of DigitalModerator you need. 

You cannot simply add digital. You need to become digital. Digital includes and transcends what is, it does not simply replace or add to what is.That makes it a real identity shift. It's a transformation. Trans-form-ation, by definition, means change in structure and composition into a new form. That also applies to the inner "structure of mind", the individual and collective beliefs system, from which the organisation is led. Digital transformation is both about (1) maturing the inner game of leadership and (2) mastery of the outer game of behavioral and technical competency and effectivity. It is a process of waking up, opening up, growing up, cleaning up and showing up. DigitalModerator matches you with the right transformative digital resources for your needs right now. Learn below what kind of DigitalModerator(s) you might need while taking the journey of digital transformation.


Do You Need A Guide?

"Digital forces are reshaping all domains of strategy. The rules and complexity of the outer game are changing. The development of inner and outer digital leadership needs to keep pace. You need a DigitalModerator that knows the terrain inside and outside."


Do You Need A Trainer?

"The revealing views and insights of a DigitalModerator set you on a journey to reimagine and reinvent the inner and outer game of your business digitally."


Do You Need A Consultant?

"A DigitalModerator assists and advises you on how to move from your current state toward a state of seeing, thinking, becoming and being digital."


Do You Need A Coach?

"Behavioral compentencies, (cultural) beliefs and roles from past days are no longer effective. After each coaching by a DigitalModerator the leadershipteam is left behind inspired, less reactive, more creative. The impact is integtral and transformational. Executives start to live Digital, not just say it."  


Do You Need A Mentor?

"The digital transformation journey is not for sissies. It can be quite puzzling and fuzzy. A DigitalModerator helps you find confidence and commitment where people experience doubt or incongruence during the digital journey. He is there with and for you when you and your team ride the positive and negative currents of transformation."


Do You Need A Sponsor?

"A DigitalModerator is there for you, as a 'listening partner', that creates space for you to be able to think, feel and act authentically and systemically about leadership situations and to take genuine decisions along your digital journey.”


Do You Need An Eye Opener?

"A DigitalModerator knows the developmental and transformational territory and guides you and your team through it. He seconds you as an agent of creation and integration in service of what matters most. 

How does DigitalModerator help?

Here's what a couple of our amazing clients have said.

Bart - Digital leader

"Between running a traditional business and a tough digital transformation, almost any leader and any team could use some extra help. My DigitalModerator helped me gain insights to make better decisions and face them with more energy."

Mike Celis - CEO

"Last year, my team wasn't sure where our digital road was headed and lacked the confidence to make the changes I wanted to see. My DigitalModerator helps us to discover what we really want to do—and then pursue it."

DigitalModerator's story Hi, I'm Bert Geukens.

From working many years with different clients as digital program leader and change management consultant, trainer or coach, I know shifting from digital incubation (seeding and nurturing digital strategies) to integration (building these into the fabric of the organisation) is quite a transformational journey. I love serving clients. By doing so, I experienced that, without moderating digital transformation leadership both individually and collectively, you can't make the impact you really desire. So I founded DigitalModerator to help more digital leaders and their teams access the right team for transformative moderation. I hope you'll reach out and get to know us.

Bert Geukens
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